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MERRY CHRISTMAS: Excerpt from Counterpart

So, it's Christmas day here in New Zealand, and what better way for me to celebrate it then with an excerpt from Counterpart. It is unedited, so some things may be altered.

Chapter One

If there was one thing a succubus like me hated, it was when this guy didn't know how to wake up and get the hell out.

“Hey, you.” I pushed against a broad shoulder. “You need to leave, man.”

There was a grumbled incoherent response that followed and I rolled my eyes. “I really don't care. You need to go.”

A brown mess of hair finally moved and he lifted his head. He was cute, sexy even. He had the nicest blue eyes. And a nice body to go along with it, lean with muscles in all the right places.

It was a pity he had a girlfriend.

“What time is it?” He grumbled sleepily.

I looked over to the clock on my dresser. “It's 6:30am. You need to go.” I said again, but more impatient. If this guy didn't leave, I was going to kick his ass out myself.

“Fuck, Maya. You really know how to ruin something.” He grudgingly crawled off the bed and I couldn't help but check out his ass while he pulled his jeans on.

“Trust me, Tristan. There wasn't anything to ruin.” I rolled over onto my back and lit up a cigarette.

I pushed down the blanket slightly and surveyed my bare stomach. It was a good thing I managed to keep my bra on last night, because he would be getting quite a view right now.

The bed dipped to the side and he leaned over me. I pulled the cigarette out of my lips and blew the smoke in his face, waiting for what he wanted.

“So, I'll call you some time?” He asked.

“Nope. This was a one-time deal, Tristan. I only did this because your girlfriend ditched you on your birthday. I'm sorry, but that's it.” I stated. I wasn't here to steal someone's boyfriend and I sure as hell wasn't in the mood to be put on speed dial.

He wasn't listening. His head dipped down and soft lips found their way across my cheek and down my jaw. His fingers splayed out across my abdomen and he made his way back up to my ear.

“Come on, Maya.” He whispered seductively. His voice was one thing I loved about last night. The way it was low and husky every time he spoke into my ear. “You know you want to.”

I pushed his hand away and the dirty images running through my head vanished. “No. Unless you sort your girlfriend out, I'm not ready to be a boyfriend thief.”

His blue eyes showed he didn't believe me. I kept my posture, showing him I wasn't going to back down from my argument. It was like a staring contest. Who was going to back down first? Not me. Once he realized this, he pushed off the bed with a quiet sigh and left the room, without even saying goodbye. How rude.

It was sad to see him walk away. He didn't even get to finish his job. He only wanted to do as much as making out and that was it. It was a pity. I could have gone for more.

A knock on my door grabbed my attention and I looked over to see my best friend poke her head inside. “Hey.” She grinned. Jamie Moore was considered my best friend, due to the fact that she put up with my shit and has been my roommate for the past 3 semesters. She was gorgeous for a nerd, which she classified herself as. I'll never know why, but I let it go. Her brown hair was straightened and glasses sat on the bridge of her fair nose.

“Good morning, sunshine.” I replied, a matching grin showing on my face. “You all packed and ready to go?”

Green eyes twinkled at the sound of packing and she nodded. “Of course. Who would have thought I'd be going to the Caribbean for summer, huh?”

Yeah, it was summer break. Jamie was spending three months with her family on a cruise around the Caribbean, while I was stuck at campus until my sister decided to show up. She had called earlier and said she was going to be a couple of weeks late. Which means, she was too busy following around her class-A, for asshole, of a boyfriend to have time to come get me.

The call practically ended with me telling her to just not bother, but I wasn't even sure if she heard me. Oh well, I wasn't going to think about it. I was past that point.

“Yeah, well, I'm sure you'll have fun in the sun.” I said, in my most I'm so happy for you voice.
Jamie must have noticed how flat my voice actually was and she walked in and sat on the bed.

“What are you doing through break?”

She didn't know about the phone call, and I had no intention of seeing her sympathy. “Oh, you know. Hang out with the parents. Eat sushi as I do every other holiday.” It wasn't a lie. That's what I had been doing. Last summer, I was at the house in San Francisco, eating sushi outside. This summer, my parents wanted none of their children at home because they were going away for six months. Last time I heard, they were basking in Italy. After that phone call, I really had no interest in hearing any more.

“So, I saw Tristan leaving. I thought he was with Tori.”

“He is.” I put the cigarette out in the ashtray by the clock. “She ditched him last night at the party, so I thought I would make up for her loss and give him a good birthday present.”

I looked over at the clock. 6:45am. I had to leave for my last class of the semester in an hour. I got out of bed, not caring that Jamie would see me in my bra and panties. I retrieved a pair of jeans and a shirt from my dresser and placed them, not so neatly, on my bed.

“So you slept with Tori's boyfriend. That's a good image you're putting on yourself, Maya.”

“Yeah, well, I can't regret it now. It's already done. Besides, we didn't have sex, it was just a make out session and then his drunk ass passed out.”

“You should be careful, Maya. You and Tristan may be friends, but you guys have a very different definition of friends than most people.”

I waved my hand in the air. I'd heard the same thing before from her. I'd even said it to myself. But like I said before, I can't regret it now.

She took my silence as a message to get out, even though that really wasn't my intention. She closed my door silently and I waited a few seconds to make sure she was out of hearing range.

Once I was satisfied, I reached for my phone on the dresser and dialed the one number I knew by heart.

“Hello?” A familiar male voice answered.

“Well if it isn't my favorite incubus. How are you doing, Daniel? Please, do tell me how Florida is treating you.”

I walked around the room while Daniel explained the amount of girls he had been with in the past few months. He detailed every event in a way I would detail mine. But if he asked me how L.A was treating me, I was going to have to lie, because truth be told, I hadn't been out in a while. The last time I had my release was a few weeks ago, after one of Tristan's fighting events. I remember that night all too well.

“Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!” The crowd cheered. A row of us sat in front of the bar and raised our shot glasses in the air. 

“Here's to the wins tonight, boys.” I said before I took the whole shot. The burn that crawled down my throat didn't bother me. I loved it. I loved the feeling it gave me as it traveled down my throat and into my stomach. “Who wants another round?!” I shouted. A holler of cheers was my answer and I ordered another round.

Tristan walked up to my side in all his glory. He was grinning and I couldn't blame him. He had a good fight tonight. He won, which wasn't new. He always won. 

“Maya, how much have you had to drink?” He asked like a parent was asking their child how much cookies they stole from the jar.

Tori Matthews, Tristan's girlfriend, appeared out of nowhere then. Her blonde hair had been put through the curler and spiraled over her shoulders. A cake of make-up was applied to her face and the scowl, which I had gotten used to, appeared at the sight of me.

“Apparently not enough,” I mumbled and took the shot the bartender had laid out. “Congratulations.” I slid one of the others to Tristan and he took it with no hesitation. 
I pushed myself off the bar. “I'm going to go see what's out on the dance floor.” It wasn't what I wanted to do. I really wanted to just get away from Malibu Barbie.

The thing with Tristan and I is that we have a connection that no one sees or knows about. While he's dating Tori, he'll occasionally come over to my dorm and talk about how she doesn't want sex. You would think after being together for the past few months, they would at least get past first base. But no. She stuck to kissing and that was it for her. She had some big thing, where she wanted to wait for the right guy to come along and she'd lose her virginity to him.

That was understandable.

But saying that to your boyfriend wasn't one of the best things you could do.

So I was there, to listen to his relationship crap. I listened because it's what friends do. We'll just ignore the fact that I would fuck him if I had the chance.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one on that boat either.

If there was anything I learned from listening to him though, it was that I was glad I was a succubus. I don't think I could ever handle being in a relationship.

The dance floor was packed with people from college. A lot of faces I knew. A lot of faces I had slept with. I maneuvered around everyone until I was in the middle. The techno song that was playing made you feel like there was ecstasy flowing through the air. 

I danced in my own world. I didn't need anyone to dance with. I closed my eyes and let the music take control of my body and send me to another realm. 

My realm soon vanished when I felt a body press up against mine. He was a head taller than my 5'7 height, and his hands decided they wanted to make themselves comfortable on my hips. He had dark eyes, filled with lust mixed with alcohol. I could smell the intoxication all over him. 

I didn't recognize him from college, but he was around the same age as me, if not a few years older. His tongue flicked over his lips and I found myself grinding against his body. 
I was due for another hit and he came at a perfect time. 

My arms traveled up his broad chest and around his neck, my own eyes masked with lust now. He dipped his head down, his nose trailing lightly across the base of my neck. 

He was sniffing me. 

Usually I would find this very unattractive but as I was looking over his shoulder, I saw Tristan smiling down at Tori. He twirled a piece of her hair around his finger and placed it behind her ear. It was a gesture that she may have found unnerving, but it was a gesture I would have loved to receive from Tristan.

I couldn't bear to watch the rest play out. Maybe he would braid her hair, and they could watch some animated movie or something, but tonight, I wasn't in the mood to hear or see it.
I leaned back and didn't hesitate as I pressed my lips hard against the guy in front of me. He didn't complain either and his hands gripped my hips tighter, pulling me as close as he could to his body. 

His tongue flicked against my lip, causing them to part and accept him. I wasn't willing to fight the demon building inside me. She wanted him. She wanted him now.

And who was I to deny her?

“Don't tell me, you're imagining me in bed again?” Daniel's voice pulled me out of the memory.

“Please.” I scoffed. “If anything, you're the one trying to get his self in my pants, remember? P.S: I'm not wearing any.”

He went silent and I knew I got him good. “Don't tell me, you're imagining me in bed again huh?”

“Well how could I not when you're going around telling me what you aren't wearing?”

“Want to know something else?”

He cleared his throat. “What's that?”

I paused for effect, letting the silence kill him slowly. “I'm about to go for a shower, naked.”


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I hope everyone has a great Christmas! Spend it with family, hang out with friends, just have fun!

I'll see you guys another time, hopefully with another teaser!

- K

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Cover and synopsis reveal: Counterpart!!


The cover and synopsis reveal is here! I had the great pleasure of having a very close friend of mine, Ashley (Redbird Designs), make this amazing cover!

And, I would also like to thank Raine Thomas and Ashley for helping with creating this amazing synopsis to go along with it, and also helping with this cover reveal.

I am so excited to finally show everyone the cover and synopsis.

And before I show you, I would like to thank the blogs that participated in the cover reveal:

Forever 17 Books
Paperbook Queen
Stuck In Books 
I read Indie
Raine Thomas
Book Bite Reviews
Indie Writers Review
Writing, stuff and nonsense
The Caffeinated Diva Reads

And a special thank you to the girls at Step Into Fiction for the amazing support.

I seriously wouldn't be at this point without any of you. So thank you.


The one thing Maya Simmons wants is the last thing she should have.

Succubi life isn't for everyone, geared toward those who are lonely and know how to harbor secrets. Twenty-year-old Maya, however, is the perfect candidate. She lives freely, parties whenever she wants, and enjoys feeding her succubus demon with plenty of sex.

It’s an easy life for Maya…until she meets Tristan. Every time she sees him, the demon inside her goes crazy. But if she gives into her inner succubus and ravishes him, he probably won’t survive.

Her chosen way of life is thrown into chaos when a few of her latest victims turn up dead. Knowing she left them with enough energy to recover, she realizes that a rogue succubus is out to get her. As she investigates, she discovers that she’s in more danger then she thought, and the one thing she never wanted to do may be the only thing that can save her life.

Her life, and Tristan’s.

Mature content, not intended for readers under 17.

FEBRUARY, 13 2013

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Just under two months to go until the release of Counterpart. It is going through final editing and proof reading, then it will be sent off to face the world.

I am so excited. Are you?

Watch this space. I will be posting teasers up soon, and I hope you love them as much as I do.