Monday, August 5, 2013

Reviews of Counterpart

Here are a few awesome reviews I have received from some awesome readers:

Amber Westman -

Counterpart by K.J. Hunter-Brown is a titillating story that sucks you immediately into the world of a young succubus.

The story follows Maya Simmons as she balances her life as a twenty year old college student and her life as a succubus. Lucky for her she has great friends, both her roommate Jamie, who does not know about her demon side and Melinda and Daniel, fellow succubus and incubus. She also struggles to balance her relationship her friend Tristan with her demon's lust for a taste of his soul.

The first time you meet Maya, she's in bed, so you quickly learn what the feel of the book is going to be and it had me hooked right from the start. Maya's character is one that I fell in love with due to her quick wit and sarcastic responses, throw in her fierce loyalty to her friends and she's somebody I'd want to be friends with.

You are quickly immersed in her world and are rewarded with some steamy, yet not over the top sex scenes (I mean, come on, the book is about a have to have steamy sex scenes, right?!). There is immediately some build up between Maya and Tristan that keeps you turning page after page, hoping for that pay off. Tristan is a sexy, human MMA fighter, who, despite his obvious attraction for Maya, has a girlfriend. Tristan is written so well, you find yourself wishing he was real. I stood at attention with every scene he was in.

The book takes you on a trip through Maya's life as she goes to class, hangs out with her friends and feeds her demon. But when people are being killed and suddenly Tristan's life is endangered, the book takes a dark turn and Maya is forced to face some things that she'd rather not deal with.

What I really appreciated about how K.J. wrote this book, was that she kept in mind the history development behind the succubus and incubus. She, in a very clever way, introduced the history of the demons as well as Maya herself. It never once felt like it interrupted the flow of the story and it added so much depth that just aided in making me more invested in this world of demons.

The twist takes you on a really fun roller coaster ride and once I started reaching the climax of the book, I simply could not put it down and the whole thing just leaves you yearning for more!

Becky (Book Bite Reviews) - 

I absolutely loved this book! The entire story line was fresh and fascinating. It is a long book page number wise, but it is still a very quick read in terms of how gripping it is. I think the sex scenes were done extremely well. I never felt like I was reading a porno or that it went too far in details. It was tastefully done, but still thrilling. The end was perfect, and the POV chapter by Tristan is a complete cliff hanger. I need to know more immediately. Definitely a great read, I am so happy I got the chance to review it and I am so happy I enjoyed the read so much. I highly recommend picking this book up!

Heather (Redheaded Bookworm) -

I really liked all the characters in this book! I fell in love with Maya and Tristen right away. How could you not? Maya is spunky and Tristen is a sexy MMA fighter. You can feel the chemistry between them immediately. Maya is in love with Tristen, but can't act on it because she is a succubus. Tristen is in love with her too and doesn't understand why Maya can act like she cares for him but is unwilling to let their relationship go any farther than friendship. Tristen decides since he can't have Maya, he'll begin a relationship with Tori and keep the friendship with Maya. Can he have both?

Melinda and Daniel are Maya's friends. Melinda is also a succubus and Daniel is an incubus. You can feel the bond between the characters. Ethan, enters the picture late. He is very mysterious and will only let the gang get so close. Lots of intrigue and mystery in this book. I loved it. And the twist in the epilogue? WTH? I can't wait to find out what happens next!!!

Thank you all for your amazing reviews, keep them coming!!!!