Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random teaser from WIP

This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance that I have scheduled to release within the next few months.

 I remained seated, watching as person after person came up. I saw Gavin, Austin & Carter sitting a few seats back, each holding their own sort of facade. They were majority of the people that Damian kept close to him. That was just how it was. Damian didn't like too much friends, he preferred a small amount that were reliable, truthful and honest people. Not a huge amount of traitors.
I was different. I wasn't a social person, so my list of friends was practically nothing. I mingled with his... Well, not all. I hardly hanged out with Gavin and Carter. Austin? Yes.
But there was someone else within this little group of friends.
And he was here, standing like he a had right to be in this room.
Logan Lockhart.
The reason we're at this funeral.

Hope you liked it!

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